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DBK Scandinavia AB.


Responsible for sales of DBK's heating products in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.



DBK Scandinavia AB

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     What is PTC-heat? More information here : PTC technology





We offer correct products for each unique application, standard or customized




Airheating / Frostprotection

Compact and safe, self-regulating PTC-heater for heating of air flow.






For safe and self-regulating heat.
Both for consumer products ,and industrial applications.




DBK Coolers

Cooling /heating unit of top quality, for climate control of machinery and electric cabinets.
Available in 60W, 100W,150W and 200W cooling-power


Heating plate


With molded heating cartridge for optimal heat spread, for example:

Production tools, heat holding table etc.


The heaters are specifically designed after your request such as:

Size, power and voltage etc.





Fan-filter unit

Complete units with fan, filter and fastening





Resistance heaters

Heat systems for, air heating, tumble-dryers air-curtains etc.




Industrial Ovens, and customized heating systems

For all types of industrial use, tempering, drying, etc.





We produce heating element to be mounted in heating systems for vehicles, they guarantee that the car starts when it is really cold, and ensures that the car is warm when it is used. Keeps the crankcase breather from frost etc.






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